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World Class Treatment

Houghton SPa

Welcome to Houghton Spa, where the serenity of our urban oasis bids you welcome as you embark upon a transformative wellness journey, a place where tranquility awaits. Designed with your every need in mind, indulge in the luxurious ambiance of our spa and escape the demands of everyday life.

At Houghton Spa, we believe in the power of holistic wellness. That’s why we offer a variety of complimentary facilities to further enhance your spa experience. Let nature inspire you as you spend time in our lush outdoor garden, let the power of heat invigorate you as you unwind in our steam room or sauna or take a personal moment as you lounge next to our indoor heated pool. For a true multi-sensory experience, engage all your senses in a totally decadent session on our sensual massage chair, offering an unrivalled sensory experience while promoting holistic body balance and relaxation. Should you feel peckish, indulge your culinary fancies over a leisurely lunch, available from the hotel, for you to enjoy post your treatment bliss.

World Class Treatment

Shalicious Nails

Renowned nail artist Shalya Katzeff, celebrated for her specialist freehand nail art, operates her business from our spa. Using only a thin brush and an array of vibrant nail polishes, Shalya brings her clients’ imaginations to life with impressive designs. Her talent has gained her a loyal following of clients who appreciate the artistry and creativity she brings to their fingertips. Shalicious Nails at The Houghton allows clients to express their individuality and sense of style more fully.

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