The Iconic Penthouse


The Iconic Penthouse

Your own personal lap of luxury awaits, where no comfort is spared – The beautiful 630m² Penthouse earns its namesake through sheer extravagance and stunning vista views.


What Makes it special

The iconic penthouse invites you to enter a world of unmatched elegance and gracious luxury. This lovely 630m2 hideaway is a showcase for understated elegance and provides a place where celebrations, gatherings and private retreats come to life.

As you enter the roomy suites, experience a sense of tranquilly and indulgence. Each one offers a haven of peace to engulf you in luxury. Enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep on plush bedding and wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

Use your culinary imagination in the fully integrated kitchen, which has furnishings with modern appliances and provides the space for culinary explorations. This kitchen is your stage to produce culinary wonders and enjoy extraordinary meals, whether you are a seasoned chef, or a novice cook.

The meeting place beckons, prepared to host events and parties that will live in the memories of everyone who attends. As you join with loved ones in this welcoming setting, create moments of unadulterated joy and laughter. Raise a glass to life’s special moments and allow the iconic penthouse’s atmosphere to make every occasion even more special.

Enjoy total regeneration and relaxation in your private hot tub and pool. Embrace the tranquil waves and the solitude of your own little hideaway. Take a relaxing swim or relax on the patio in the sun, where the concerns of the world will vanish, leaving you feeling renewed and invigorated.

Admire the breath taking panorama vistas that unfold in front of you, highlighting the city’s vitality and beauty. Allow the expansive view to grab your senses and serve as a constant reminder that you have discovered a true haven in the middle of Johannesburg. Let this be your haven, a place of pleasure and peace that will make your stay genuinely unforgettable.

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