Being of service to our community

After the rioting and looting that rocked our foundation and security of a brighter way forward, we were cognizant that as corporate citizens, The Houghton Hotel had to step up to do it’s bit.We were in level 4 with our “glass half empty rather than half full”, having been knocked with curfew, shutdown, and cancellations following the wake of Level 4.Our team looked at how we could be part of process of rebuilding the past devastation. and the solution was obvious. We had low occupancy, and individuals and corporates were sending disaster recovery teams to Johannesburg. We immediately contacted the individuals and corporates that we were made aware of through the media to contribute free our Hotel accommodation . The response was firstly disbelief, given it was 5 Star accommodation and thereafter appreciation.

All of us at The Houghton were taken back by meeting these remarkable people who travelled from all over, leaving families, during Covid and passionate about a rebuild. Our staff morale was amazing as they felt part of the solution and the “glass was full” making them productive. The key take away is that in times of diversity, we can all unite and make a difference in so many different ways provided there is a will. South Africa we need to unite and believe as together we have to make this rainbow keep its pot of gold.

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